SMART teachers use SMART with or without a SMARTboard.

So you don’t have a SMART board, but you do have SMART Notebook and you could be using it easily in your classroom. The amazing wealth of resources available for teachers in the gallery, make the possibilities endless! The purpose of this blog is to spotlight ten easy to implement interactive tools available to all whom have SMART Notebook.
1) Category Sort: This is your standard T-chart. It can be set up with 2-3 columns. It allows students to sort terms. Some suggested uses might be sorting words into short vowel and long vowel sounds, sorting words into their part of speech, or sorting units of measurement into length, weight, or capacity.
2) Image Arrange: This activity allows learners to place pictures in sequential order. Find images that represent events in a story, or steps in an experiment and allow your learners to place them in order. You may have 1-15 images in this activity.
3) Image Match: The learners will be highly engaged matching new vocabulary to images. This might be a great way to introduce new vocabulary or review terms from a unit. Each page can contain 2-5 images.
4) Multiple Choice: A great way to review for an upcoming quiz or test is the Multiple Choice activity. This will allow you to add 1-10 multiple-choice questions for your students to solve and give them immediate feedback.
5) Vortex Sorter: This wonderful tool allows you to teach students to classify terms into two categories. Then students can sort the words into the proper vortex. If they are correct, the vortex will swallow the word and if not the word is rejected. This is a great self-checking activity.
6) Word Guess: This activity has got some choice for you. Set up a soccer net, a basketball hoop, or a person’s face. Then students guess a mystery word (much like hangman). If they guess incorrectly their projectile (soccerball, basketball, or tomato) misses. If they need a hint, you one is available for them.
7) Word Biz: This boggle-like game allows students to find a word in a box filled with letters when given a clue. What a great way to introduce new terms or have students learn about their classmates. You can add up to eight questions per page.
8) Pairs: This memory game is perfect for students learning their basic facts, shapes, or colors. Learners can match up to 6 pairs of objects. You may have your learners match two like images. Some ideas that come to mind are a set of objects and the same numbered domino. A colored flower and a similarly colored object, or a food group match.
9) Random Group Generator: Use images or words and sort them into groups. You can create 2-18 groups using this tool. An easy use for this tool would be to assign your class into cooperative groups, to divide vocabulary up for groups to draw concept maps, or to sort pictures into groups of new vocabulary words or images for students to compare and contrast.
10) Random Word Chooser: This tool is perfect for generating one word out of a bank of words. Enter all of your students’ names and select one to answer a question. Enter all new vocabulary words and when one is choosen by the selector have students hold up the matching definition, You could also enter kinesthetic activities and when your students need a break have this tool randomly select their physical activity.

So if you’re a smart teacher,(and I guarantee that you are) try some of these SMART activities in your classroom! No SMARTboard required, any computer monitor will do!


About bulldogtechteach

I am a technology integrator serving in a k-1 and a 2-5 elementary building. I firmly believe in the power of technology to engage students and allow them to create and master their learning.
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