Poster Session Palooza, Coding & Collaboration, Oh My!

I had a packed agenda.  My favorites were overflowing!  However, there is nothing more compelling about listening to students, no matter what their age, grade, or background talk about their classroom, their learning, or their achievements.  Poster sessions, with students involved, pack a powerful punch.  I loved cruising the poster sessions and seeing the tools of today’s generation in use and being used well to embrace both common core and NETS.  I could have listened to these kids go on about their learning all day long, but alas there were sessions to attend as well and an expo floor that knocked my socks off!

I certainly did more than a little drooling on the expo floor!  There are amazing tools coming into schools every day.  3D pens and printers are amazing, and the possibilities for these tools are endless.  It is always nice to network with the companies that are the brain trusts behind your favorite go to classroom tools as well.  I had a ball meeting the crews supporting and working for tools I use routinely with my students.  I know my students will be excited to know I was dancing with GoNoodle in the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Go Noodle and Remind 101 Pop up

Go Noodle and Remind 101 Pop up

I am a big fan of Kahoot and Classdojo and had the opportunity to share the way I use these tools in my classroom with a group of educators and meet the crews promoting these tools as well.  I also pick up a few tricks I am going to try to implement this year while in these sessions too.


Mrs. A and Mrs. H are in cahoots! We love Kahoot!

I attended wonderful sessions on Mystery Skyping and Coding.  Both are topics I have dabbled in and wish to increase my involvement with in the coming school year.  Mystery Skyping allows students to master geography vocabulary and explore maps and utilize map skills while collaborating with students from another school, in another state or country.  During this session, the participants engaged in a mystery skype session and learned roles and rules for holding a mystery skype as well as methods for extending mystery skype sessions into collaborative projects.

The coding session I participated in shared some great tools to add to our annual coding camps.  I found a great coding resource for our younger elementary learners and I am anxious to explore it further. Kodable and  Tynker are a coding sites designed for elementary students.  I like that Kodable makes it easier for our younger learners to code by using symbols in lieu of words.  This would be an awesome scaffolding tool for our younger students!  I am excited to check out the features of the free version and will be looking into allowing my students to extend their writing by using code to publish their stories.

Until tomorrow, goodnight ISTE, and goodnight readers.  This little techie is all tech’d out and ready to relax and rejuvenate before Tuesday’s sessions.


About bulldogtechteach

I am a technology integrator serving in a k-1 and a 2-5 elementary building. I firmly believe in the power of technology to engage students and allow them to create and master their learning.
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