Stomping Around San Antonio

I have officially been baking in the San Antonio sun for 2 days now. I love it here. The city is bustling with creativity, music, and fun events to go to. That doesn’t even begin to touch the food. Yum! I have learned a lot during my short stay in the southern states. #ISTE17 has been amazing and it’s only Monday!

The kick off keynote, Jad Abumrad, was an excellent story teller. He shared how “gut churn” allowed him to kick off Radiolab. Do we ever truly recognize those moments when our stomachs are churning up acid and the butterflies feel like rhinos rampaging in our guts as the change makers they are? How many of us allow that feeling of uncertainty to overwhelm and cripple us, never fully recognizing the potential for action in the moment? I have decided to be more cognizant of these moments. I want to start acting on the moments that make my stomach churn and unrest seem louder than a freight train bearing down on me.

What’s next for me? Day 2 of ISTE. More makers spaces, more explorations on the vendor floor, a date with Microsoft and for certification, and some time with I am sure I will find some time for good grub, and maybe some laughter along the way. I am seizing this moment, because I don’t know when I will be afforded the opportunity to grow like this again. Gut churn? You betcha! I am away from my family, exploring solo in a city of many, and the anxiety and nerves can be crippling, however I have committed to getting the most out of this opportunity and bringing back a wealth of information to the amazing teachers I work along side daily.

I am on a mission to bring productive, meaningful tinkering for our students. I want to see them creating and enjoying the aesthetic parts of STEAM. I would love to see more measurement taught via Makerspace. I want to explore solutions for running a student newscast. I want to recreate the awesome picture mural being created daily at #iste17 for the students at my school. What better way is there than to make their selfies relevant and celebrating of school spirit? (If you’d like to see the progression of this photo mural follow #ForTheLoveOfLearning on Twitter)

File_000 (3)

I would also like to find that treasured gem that helps me become a better coach and has positive ripples in our school culture for years to come. We are on a path towards 1:1 devices so I will be find people and sessions that deal with this topic as well. I haven’t found it yet, but my gut is churning and I am sure it’s somewhere in this convention center waiting to be unearthed!


About bulldogtechteach

I am a technology integrator serving in a k-1 and a 2-5 elementary building. I firmly believe in the power of technology to engage students and allow them to create and master their learning.
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2 Responses to Stomping Around San Antonio

  1. zeepoerio says:

    What’s the picture mural? Thanks for your post! I am #notatiste17.

  2. I added a picture of the photo mural for all to see.

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