I’m No Monet…

I have been intrigued by sketchnoting for awhile now, but never really paid it any mind, because let’s face it some people have gifts, and I quite frankly was born without an artistic bone in my body. I can’t draw and sketching seemed like a concept best left to the artistic people amongst us.

However, PAECT hosted a webinar with Sylvia Duckworth and I learned quite a bit about the concept of sketchnoting and the purpose of engaged listening through purposeful doodling. I have always been a doodler. When on the phone, sitting in a meeting, or attending a lecture my pen or pencil magically took over and doodled up and down the margins of my notebooks. Sometimes it was flowers, others it was words, and later in life it was the initials of my future husbands to be (lol).  Sylvia made sketchnoting seem possible for a artistic lackluster like me and I loved her ideas.

Currently the group of educators who attended this webinar, all who are members of PAECT, are involved in a sketchnote challenge called #12daysofsketchnoting.  I am really excited about seeing the sketches our group develops as these next 12 days unfold. In fact I am so excited that I am thinking about running a month of sketchnoting contest with our middle school students the second half of this school year. I think it would be awesome to work some of our desired character traits and academic vocabulary into this competition. My ideas, like my sketches are still a work in progress. Perhaps we should run a teacher sketchnoting challenge as well!?!

Here is our first sketchnoting challenge:  Day 1: Draw Your PLN Tree

12daysofsketchnoting Twitter Search

What would your PLN tree look like? Care to share? If so, please sketch it out and tweet it with #12daysofsketching to share it with our group of educators. We’d love to see more ideas.

How can you see yourself using sketchnoting with your students? If my teachers had used sketchnoting when I was a child, I am willing to bet instead of using sketching to escape, I would be more engaged and purposeful with my sketches making me a better listener. If you are interested in learning more about sketchnoting, I highly recommend following Sylvia Duckworth on Twitter or checking out one of her books.


About bulldogtechteach

I am a technology integrator serving in a k-1 and a 2-5 elementary building. I firmly believe in the power of technology to engage students and allow them to create and master their learning.
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