A Slice of Bad Luck

Ever have a day when everything goes sideways? Today is that day for me.
Got up early, ready to go.
Pulled on slacks I took the time to lay out yesterday and no button. Ugh! Back to the drawing board.
Manage to combine another pair of slacks with same top and sweater, back on track.
Put on new shoes. Only worn once before.
Get to work. Feeling good. Get stopped by colleague needing help. Time flies. Late for bus duty. But that’s okay b/c I am not the only one on duty. Today I was the only one. Ugh!
Let kids in apologetically. Go about duty greeting and happy. No way am I letting my bad mood and luck reflect on the kids and their start of the day.
Go back to office. Skim through 50 emails. Start tackling the withdrawals and deactivating them.
Go check out solution to phone in library. Stumble backwards. Why? I wasn’t feeling very clumsy. Nope. Heel on brand new, only worn once, shoes snaps off.
At this point, running screaming from the building sounds like a plan.
Nope, I hobble home barefoot and come back with new flats… let’s not dwell on the possibility of another broken heel.
So all this rambling and oversharing to say, despite bad luck, rainy clouds, and a lot of do-over moments the sun came out. The day got better. No matter what the students only saw the smiles and readiness to teach.
Teachers teach well on their worst days.
At the end of the day I was able to say despite it all, I made a difference in the life of a child. I shared a smile. I discussed data and growth, I challenged a kiddo to give 100%, and I offered a hug when another student was struggling with a bad day.
I taught and therefore it was a good day.


About bulldogtechteach

I am a technology integrator serving in a k-1 and a 2-5 elementary building. I firmly believe in the power of technology to engage students and allow them to create and master their learning.
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