The Great Balancing Act

Teaching can sometimes feel like the craft of a gifted ringmaster. Regardless of weather, engagement levels, attendance, and circumstances beyond our control… the show must go on!

In a week plagued w/ extreme temperatures, rain, and potential hurricanes may we all remember that our focus needs to stay firmly fixed on the stars of the show… our students.

This weekend the rain wreaked havoc on my home town and took out two electric poles and blew a transformer. We dealt with the inconvenience of not having power, complaints from children dependent upon today’s creature comforts to stay happy, and found ourselves conversing, reading by candlelight, and enjoying ourselves despite the inconvenience. This reminded me of the importance of balancing tech and no tech options. Too much of anything is never good. Our students need solid instruction with or without the technology.

As educators we sometimes feel that everyone is a critique and trying to do our jobs or tell us how to do our jobs from afar. These armchair QBs can be frustrating and cause hardworking teachers to feel disenfranchised with their profession. After all, how many people would dare to tell their surgeon the best way to operate on them during a procedure?

This is when I am reminded of the soundtrack from The Greatest Showman. When Keala Settle bravely and boldly sings This Is Me for all the townspeople to hear I get chills. As educators, we need to be proud of ourselves, each other, and our time-honored profession. We cannot allow the opinions and harsh commentary of a few to tarnish us and our feelings. We need to shine and share all the great things we are doing in our classrooms and with our students. Please know if you have made it through rounds of interviews, mock lessons, and managed to rope a job and your own classroom you are ALREADY a star! Don’t be afraid to shine and share your starlight with those around you!

As we prep for another exciting week in education, remember to find balance for yourself as well. Educators tend to forget they’re only human and need to take care of themselves before they can fully care for others. Spend time with loved one, exercise, take a nap, prep meals, and reflect on all the great moments from the week gone by. Without taking care of yourself, your star may not shine as brightly as it has in the past. Don’t let your star burn so brightly that it’s light extinguishes.

About bulldogtechteach

I am a technology integrator serving in a middle school building. I previously taught grades 6, 5, and 3rd. In addition I served as a technology integrator for grades K-5 3 years. I firmly believe in the power of technology to engage students and allow them to create and master their learning.
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