Technology in Transition

A new school year, a new technology director, a new technology help system, and an upgraded operating system make for transitions that can sometimes be a bit bumpy. Here’s what we know, technology and change go hand in hand. Technology NEVER stays the same by nature. While frustration and disappointment may happen when the normal lay of the land is altered, we need to model grace and failing forward for our students. If we get stressed out, forget that teaching is still teaching and can happen with or without the tech, and give in, we are modeling those reactive behaviors for our learners.

But I’ve always done this and it’s always worked before now!?! 

I get it, and the frustration. The reality is that no one can ever anticipate all of many factors that go into an update and when a district’s power users, the teachers and students, come back after a change we are bound to discover the snafus that our hardworking technicians couldn’t have predicted.

This is when the ticket system is as important as Plan B. As educators we know that the unexpected will happen. We need to plan for a child to get sick and our location to become flexible, we need to plan on inclement weather demolishing schedules, and we also need to plan for an alternate plan when the technology goes sideways.

Good teaching remains good teaching with or without the technology.  We must plan for a plan B and model flexibility, after all we can’t predict when Mother Nature will rob us of power, and we can’t predict when a projector bulb will blow, but we can do what we do best and be prepared to teach tiny humans our subject and a little about how to find success when life hands you lemons.

So, adjust your lesson, fail forward, and put in those tickets to ensure that help is on the way and patterns can be analyzed and preventative measures can be put into place to allow us to find success the next round.

About bulldogtechteach

I am a technology integrator serving in a middle school building. I previously taught grades 6, 5, and 3rd. In addition I served as a technology integrator for grades K-5 3 years. I firmly believe in the power of technology to engage students and allow them to create and master their learning.
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