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Digital Citizenship; Lessons need to be taught and modeled by adults

It amazes me that teachers, parents, and adults in general would feel children don’t need to be taught how to properly use electronics.  Adults will copiously remind children to play nicely, share their toys, avoid strangers,  and treat others how they … Continue reading

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The Great Debate

No, I am not waxing politics with you.  I am talking about the great debate in technology today.  To BYOD, or not to BYOD, that is the question!  Bring Your Own Device (or technology) initiatives have sprung up everywhere.  Some … Continue reading

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I don’t have time…

I hear these words all the time.  Teachers are busy people and time is a premium. There are a lot of reasons why technology usage should not fall victim to the, “I don’t have time,” mantra  however, and the biggest … Continue reading

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Moodle: Is it the right fit for me?

Moodle is an open-source course management system.  I know, big words that say very little about what Moodle truly is.  Moodle is basically a free software that allows teachers to place course content online so that students can access it … Continue reading

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